My Weekend in Photos: Washington, D.C.

Sis + Bro

Adam and I drove down to Washington D.C. to spend the weekend with Joelle and Molly, who'd flown in from Portland. The four of us went to a small antique show, hit up one Smithsonian museum, participated in the RIT Big Shot of another, attended a post-photo reception, gathering at Fritz's, saw Billy, Miranda, and many other RIT'ers, got vegan cupcakes, went to a park, and survived some heavy precipitation, all to return at 2am, late Sunday night.

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Now With Even More Orange

Comic-Con '09 | Thursday (Day 2 of 5)

On the Way
(left) Walking across the lawn to get in the Hall H line. San Diego was very gray and hazy in the mornings until the sun came out and burned it off.
(right) A girl in line dressed up as The Mad Hatter.

THURSDAY: Walking down the street to the convention center, the sidewalks were already filled before 9am. We were hoping to start with the Disney 3D Panel in Hall H (the largest room at the convention center, which holds 6,500 people and thus is where all the really big panels and presentations are held) but as we got closer, expectations lowered: 'Twilight' fans had camped out for their panel since the previous afternoon (people said anywhere from 18-22 hours in advance) and the queue line was packed. There were so many people already, that the line for Hall H filled the convention center's entire front lawn (see Perez Hilton's twitpic) and had stretched out across the street, down the block, and was filling up on the boardwalk near the harbor. Even after we got into line, people kept joining until the line on the boardwalk had doubled over on itself 3 times -- nearly 10,000 people all waiting to get into Hall H.

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eternal sunshine soundtrack

Comic-Con '09 | Wednesday (Day 1 of 5)

Sketchy Sketchy Clouds Adam with His Breakfast Burrito
(left) The MVP kids play area at the Rochester airport featured terrifying clouds above the plastic airplanes and mushrooms.
(right) I think it's really interesting how restaurants change their menu based on both geographic location and also location-context. For example, lots of restaurants offered breakfast menus at their airport satellites that they don't offer normally (at least in Upstate NY). Mexican-food-chain "Moe's" had breakfast burritos which even went so far as to be called airport names like "Extra Luggage."

WEDNESDAY: It's been forever since I've taken a week-long vacation without the rest of my family, and I've never taken more than a day off of work in a row before, so there was some massive prep-work and packing to be done! Between that and our excitement, Adam and I chose not to sleep all night before our 4:30am pick-up (thanks Max!) to go to the airport for our 6am flight. The flights were uneventful, but we did test out AirTran's in-air wireless by finally planning out which panels we wanted to go to and noticing how more than half of our plane were obviously geeky con-goers like us. We handled one-hour of delays between the two trips from Rochester to Atlanta and Atlanta to San Diego, but our arrival was slightly more "interesting:" Matt and Kara were our ride to the hotel, which was also in their name, but Delta screwed them over royally and they suffered 5 hours (!) of flight delays! So, Adam and I took our second taxi ride ever, and Matt wisely called the hotel and allowed us to check in ahead of time.

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Vader Matt

The Following Preview Has Been Approved for All Geeks

All Together Now

Hullo. We went to Comic Con in San Diego, California.
We were there for 6 days. We saw a lot, did a lot, walked an insane lot, and ate very little (but what we did eat was delicious!).
While there, I took photos, tweeted, and kept a hand-written journal.
It will take some time to sort through.
So here is a short preview (also see Anna's preview):

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Walrus Cloudy

Cabbage Caption Contest!


I've taken a LOT of weird photos at our apartment, but this one might just take the cake. It cracks me up every time I look at it. So, I've decided to run a caption contest with it! Simply leave a comment with your entry by FRIDAY, June 26 @ 3:00am (EST) either on this LiveJournal entry or on the Flickr photo itself.

Write any kind of caption you want: what Anna, Adam, and Rachel are thinking, what someone else would say looking at them, write a short story, etc. -- anything goes! And you can enter more than once, if you want -- just be sure to make it obvious where one caption ends and another begins. Humor usually goes over well, but is not required. Creativity in entries encouraged!

Judging: Entries will be judged anonymously by a crackpot team of judges (probably several of my co-workers) and the winner will be announced Friday evening!

Prizes: TBD, but the person with the top-voted caption will definitely receive something in the mail.
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