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Matt's Journal of Doom

Freedom. Beauty. Truth. Love. Journal.

19 February 1983
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Leader of the underground, worldwide, orange, angry, evil group: The Pumpkin Gods.

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Welcome foolish mortals.
My name's Matt. I'm 25 years old, dating the love of my life, take a lot of photos, and make digital things like CDs, DVDs, short films, (moo cows) and such. I attended R.I.T. for Multidisciplinary Studies, fusing a mixed-up conglomerate of New Media Design, Mass Media Communications, and Film Studies. Every day I listen to some form of movie score or soundtrack. I hope to someday finish cleaning my room, land a job in DVD Production, get an apartment with my boyfriend, and learn to tie a tie.

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Online, I'm usually browsing LJ, Coudal Partners, Towelroad, or Gmail.

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